Friday, November 5, 2010

~m e s s a g e~


nearly forgot to reply your emel. Wah complicated gak citer nih.. ko jgn la sedih coz aku pasti n yakin, ada pasangan utk ko kat luar sana.. may be blum jumpe..insyaAllah. Allah dh janji, setiap sesuatu yg dicipta, ada pasangan nya. Itu janji Allah utk hambanya. therefore, never quit in the effort to find true love for the name of Allah. insyaAllah. 

ala, aku rasa yg bab TERLALU BAIK tu mcm alasan je..dun you think so? i mean that is the safest way to break somebody's heart right? which i can say, there's nothing wrong with you. it is him that is the problem or his gf or both of them but not YOU!.. please remember that. okay?

this is just my opinion, i think the relationship he has with you just like rebound relationship. trying to get his mind off his gf at that particular time. and when things turn to normal, there he goes again. Don't worry, honey. He is not worth to die for!.. 

Aku tau jil, satu stage dlm hidup kita mst rasa down when we are alone. As if something wrong with us. Felt so inferior with ourselves. Tapi aku percaya, Allah menguji kita supaya kita sll turn to ALLAH di kala senang dan susah. Jgn sedih2 lagi ye, InsyaAllah Allah akan bagi ko nikmat cinta suatu hari nanti. Bersabar la ye. Aku doakan supaya ko akan jumpe org yg terbaik utk ko. Jgn putus doa pada Allah ye and please never quit finding for real love and marriage.

Jil, for wateva i said now, i hope it lift your spirit a bit even only by one notch..haha. I hope i can make you happy and convinced you that there is someone for you. And if i did something wrong, please forgive me. Tak de niat nk kecik kan hati ko. I love you so much that i want you to be happy for the rest of your life. Ape2 nasihat yg aku kasi ni, sbnrnya utk mengingatkan diri aku jugak. So please, no hard feeling ya. sbb aku pun sll terlupa utk bersyukur.

Salam, my dearest friend. XOXO
-Noorul Syuhada-

~sy stil simpan message ni, sbb akan ok bile rase down or susah ati...thanx my dear did lift my spirit!..~

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